The First Steps

Are you unsure of the proper steps to take when first finding out about your child's diagnosis? You are not alone, all parents feel overwhelmed and lost not knowing where to start. It may seem like there is no clear path on what to do so you try "googling" what autism is and the different ways to handle it, but every child is different. Here are some steps you can take to educate you and guide you on your journey: 

1. Learn about autism

- Autism is a spectrum disorder. Your child has their own unique characteristics, needs and strengths. Learn about your child, how do they perceive the world, how does their brain work, how do they communicate. Once you learn this, you will feel extremely confident when making decisions for your child. 

Learn from different professional resources. These resources can give you clarity and guidance that can help you focus on your child's specific needs. Some of these professional resources are available through books, podcasts and articles.  


2. Seek Support

- Some of the best advice may come from the autistic community. Meeting with other families who are going through the same thing or have similar experiences can provide tips, tricks and emotional support. There are several social events, formal events, formal support groups and Facebook groups to reach out to; our Facebook group is Allaboutthespectrum. 

3. Start At Home

- Parent involvement is the best kind of support and the major key to your child's development. One on one time is extremely helpful because it gives you time to learn more about your child and to see what they are capable of. The next step is to learn about the support your community offers. There are free online courses, workshops, and videos to implement strategies into your child's daily routine. 

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